Robin Konie
Speaking Coach + Messaging | Helping you find the right words and nail the non-verbals. Find your idea worth sharing with my free guide:
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At just 24 years old, my confidence was at an all-time high.

Graduate school had forced me to think critically and wade through deep discussions. Entering a university career kept my mind sharp. I felt alive with new ideas and bold assertions. …

Speaker Robin Konie presenting on the red dot at TEDxSaltLakeCity.
Photo by John Hague, used with permission

5.4 billion.

That’s how many views TEDx talks have accumulated on YouTube since 2009.

Speaking for TEDx is a coveted opportunity for many leaders and innovators. While most speakers won’t have the kind of life-changing fame of Brené Brown or Simon Sinek, the process of applying, writing, and presenting a…


Photo by Long Truong on Unsplash

“I still don’t understand,” I said as kindly as I possibly could. “I feel like you’re hovering around something important, but you’re not clarifying what that something is.”

As a university professor, I spent a lot of time trying to help students improve their writing. When you’re a teacher in…

Robin Konie

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